Designed to address the most focal concern of users – screw holding – and provide value addition in the form of a closed-cell structure, superior finish and unmatched shore hardness. Our PVC Board & WPC Board are a perfect choice.

Choose from our add-ons and make our board YOURS – matte finish, satin finish, wood grain, textures, colours and laminates.

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Jamex® Classic Board is our next best product with a rich finish and smooth satin feel on both sides.


Jamex® Star Board is our top selling product that provides optimal composition that can be used across all segments.


Jamex® Premium Board is our entry level product that has proved its mettle in regulating the unorganized market conditions ruling the current dealer/retail network.

Length + 2MM
Width + 2MM
Thickness +(.08mm+ .03 x Thickness)
Evenness Max 1.5 MM/M
Rectangularity < = 2.0 MM/M
Linearity Max 1.5 MM/M
Size 0.1 MM
Size Chart
Thickness (MM) Width  (Ft.)
2’ 4’
5-10 MM
11-20 MM
21-30 MM
Density 0.45 – 0.70 g/cc
Tensile Strength 181 kg/ cm2
Elongation 15%
Impact Strength 32 J/M
Shore Hardness A Min 40
Surface Resistant 5.103
Thermal conductivity 25mm Section 0.0616 w/m.k
K- Value 25mm Section 1.8w/m2k
Water Absorption % Age 0.7
Fire Retardency Self-Extinguishable